We are an authentic Mexican food restaurant, with a relaxed and warmth atmosphere, our goal is very clear, “Satisfy our customers”, our values are respect for others, honesty in all we do and passion in our work.

In Tostada Regia we cook home style, the same way our mother used to cook for us back home. In our dining room you will see a lot of Mexican food connoisseurs enjoying their favorite dishes, but our clientele also includes people from all over the world who likes and enjoy good food and friendly service, and enjoy being treated like familia.

In Tostada Regia you can enjoy our delicious menu, based on original dishes from our beloved Mexican land, we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week. Everything is prepared from scratch, with care and using the best and freshest ingredients.

We came from  Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, a few years ago, and were adopted by this blessed land, we started as a very small restaurant with a few tables and chairs, it was possible to count the staff with the fingers of one hand and not all fingers were to be utilized. Extremely hard work and passion and love for what we do enabled us to gradually grow up to what we  now  are, a  family owned chain of 6 restaurants, with a lot of desire to continue expanding our horizon, continue doing what we love to do, that is serving and providing satisfaction to our customers, that is our greatest reward. 

We are very proud to give employment to several people, we are also very proud about our honesty and straight forward hart, because we are Mexican Norteños and that’s how we are used and like to be. We invite you to come to one of our locations where we are privileged to care of you with pleasure of making you feel at home because at Tostada Regia, you are our guest!.

Who We Are!